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Symptoms: gastrointestinal upsets and water-electrolyte imbalance are possible. Amoxicillin crystalluria is described, in some cases leading to the development of renal failure..

When prescribing the drug to patients with reduced renal function or when using high doses, seizures may develop.

Amoxicillin may be precipitated on bladder catheters, especially after administration of high doses by intravenous administration.

Treatment: symptomatic therapy, correction of water-electrolyte balance. Augmentin (click here) is removed from the blood using hemodialysis..

Powder for suspension

The suspension is used in the treatment of newborns and children under ten years of age. The solution prepared from the powder is taken orally after a meal. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the optimal dosage, since it directly depends on the age of the baby. The daily dose of children under one year is 25 mg / kg, from one to three years – 35 mg / kg, from three to ten years – 40 mg / kg.

Side effects

Due to Augmentin treatment, a child may appear:

  • Allergy in the form of itching, hives or rash.
  • Stool thinning, as well as vomiting or nausea.
  • Deterioration in the performance of a general blood test – a decrease in platelet and white blood cell counts, sometimes agranulocytosis and anemia, as well as a change in the coagulation system.
  • Candidiasis infection affecting mucous membranes or skin.
  • Increased activity of liver enzymes.
  • Headache or dizziness.

Very rare side effects of taking the suspension include Quincke’s edema, anaphylaxis, nervous agitation, cramps, intestinal inflammation, stomatitis, discolouration of tooth enamel, nephritis and other negative phenomena. If they occur, treatment is stopped and immediately consult a doctor.


When the doctor prescribed Augmentin, a suspension for children will be the best choice. There are two types of powder for diluting suspensions – 400 mg / 57 mg in 5 ml of the prepared solution and 200 mg / 28.5 mg in 5 ml. This means that 5 milliliters of the drug, which is prepared at home by diluting dry matter, may contain 57 mg or 28.5 mg of clavulanate and 400 or 200 mg of amoxicillin. Accordingly, the antibiotic dosage in the Augmentin 400 mg preparation is twice as much as in the Augmentin 200 mg.

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